Why so you love karting?

I love karting for several reasons. Firstly I love the challenge and the thrill of a race & driving. The navigating the track, not knowing what is going to come next, the speed and accuracy; I love knowing I got that corner or overtake just perfect. The race helps me focus and push myself out of my comfort zone helping to build my confidence, I enjoy the repetition of it. Secondly I enjoy the social aspect of karting, I have made some great friends through karting and we now speak daily and have great fun on the track together. We often go practicing together, which in reality becomes an unofficial race then we get home and race each other on our PlayStation too! This has helped so much with race craft strategy i.e. overtaking etc.

Have you made any sacrifices?

Yes I have, but it’s actually my parents who make the biggest sacrifices of all. Dad often leaves his work early when we do mid-week evening practise. Karting costs us a fortune, there’s only so much help around the house I can do to earn pocket money to help with the costs. My mum also supports by looking after my sister when I’m karting, and she takes me when dad can’t, or just comes along to watch me. Before Karting I played dodgeball for a local team. I represented them around the country in tournaments. Training was a Sunday & matches on a Saturday, so this clashed with Karting and I had to give it up. I was also in Sea Cadets, we had meetings on a Wednesday night. That is the night I need to practise at Whilton Mill, so again I had to stop cadets. I plan to join the Army Cadets when I am 12, that will be on a night that does not clash with practice.

What are your best moments?

What are your best moments? I joined the season late in 2021, part way through last season, so I had an uphill climb to get enough points in the IKR and also my local Sprint Series at Stretton Circuit. I finished the season in 4th place in the IKR, and it was amazing to be presented the trophy at Silverstone Race Course. I finished 4th overall in the Stretton Sprint Series, but I was really pleased with this as I only entered half the races due to starting late. I got podium in almost all the races I entered. Another best moment for me was being given my new kart for Christmas. I was so happy and proud, I love it.

What are your worst moments?

Some people might say not winning races, but I just learn from those times and take on board what i did or didn’t do. For me the worst moments have been some bad accidents. Where I have been hurt and badly damaged my kart. Every time I have made myself get back in the kart, even though i’ve been hurting and upset. At the time its really scary, but afterwards it a great story to tell my friends.

Do you have an interesting backstory? 

My parents have split up and I stay with each parent half of the time so getting such an intensive sport underway wasn’t that easy, but we did it in the end. I started karting mid-season 2021 during COVID 19, it wasn’t the easiest start to a karting “career”. As soon as I tried it, I knew I loved it and wanted to get better. I find it really helps me focus and allows me to channel my excess energy. I was diagnosed with ADHD & Dyslexia when I was 8 years old. It was a bit of a relief being told I had them in a way, it helped explain why I found concentrating so hard, why I was so active and why I got so frustrated about writing and reading. I have always found the reading & writing side of school tricky, even though I have great ideas and am actually very bright (so the teachers/parents/tests tell me). Karting has given me something to really achieve at and its giving me the self-confidence to succeed. I still have some “moments” after a race if it hasn’t gone how I want it to but I am learning how to keep my emotions and frustrations under control. Being on the track really helps me focus and it is training me to concentrate in other situations. This is really helping me at school and it is showing in my studies particularly maths, I am now top in my class, before karting I was always bottom. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old, they both help me out loads with karting and work together to make it happen for me. My dad takes me to most meetings as he is good at being my mechanic, but mum takes me too and dad & I have taught her loads to be able to help me with races & the kart. There are not a lot of “mechanic” mums at races! I couldn’t do it without them. I am very grateful to them both.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a really good table tennis player, I am the current school Champion. I thoroughly enjoy Clay Pigeon Shooting and water sports especially water skiing. I also like to think of myself as a bit of a comedian.