Why do you love karting?

I love Karting because, I enjoy the adrenaline rush when on the track and racing. I have made so many friends and even tho hundreds of miles away we speak every day, enemy’s on the track but friends in the paddock. Before karting I was very shy and would not speak to people I didn’t know but now I am very confident it’s changed my life.

Have you made any sacrifices?

I use to play football a lot but due to racing weekends I had to give it up. We all go karting as a family my mam, dad, brother and sister so they sacrifice there weekends almost every week for me.

What are your best moments?

My first win in CKC at Hooton park 2021, winning the Welsh CC plate, clay pigeon autumn championship., Meeting my CKC friends, seeing my progression from mid pack to racing up the front. And coming 4th in my first ever national championship.

What are your worst moments?

Being taken out by a back marker at my home track Llandow in 2021 making the difference or us coming 4th instead of 3rd in the championship!

Do you have an interesting backstory?

Discovering so many local businesses wanted to support me and was following my karting journey and helping us compete in the CKC and other championships. Lockdown was hard with not having track time but I had to practice on my PlayStation, coming out of lockdown was like starting all over again but with a lot of hard work and determination from myself and my dad we committed ourselves to practice every weekend until racing began again, and the hard work payed off.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Karting is my talent!