Why do you love karting?

It’s Fun and gives me a great buzz racing to try and beat my competitors. I’ve also made so many new friends who I enjoy time with off the track.

Have you made any sacrifices?

I’ve given up playing football on a Sunday, I played goalkeeper and had to prioritise and focus on karting.

What are your best moments?

Becoming CKC 112 champion and finishing 4th in the Teesside Sprint series championship in my 1st year of karting.

What are your worst moments?

Having to miss a CKC 2021 round due to COVID.

Do you have an interesting backstory?

I’m not the best at some of the lessons at school such as English and hand writing, but I’m always attending after school clubs to help me catch-up. My Uncle has raced a lot over the years, he won a few trophies and championships along the way, My Grandad started racing at 62yrs and he went on to score podiums. My Dad has a successful car race team too so it’s great to get guidance in racing from my family.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Not found any yet!! Lol