Why do you love karting?

I love the speed, love being in the kart and pushing my limits. The friends I make off the track when I’m away for the weekend.

Have you made any sacrifices?

Miss out of out of school stuff with my school friends and also in the evening When I have to train on the sum and weights.

What are your best moments?

First national win in UKC and finishing P3 in the championship and also voted top privateer. Being voted as one of the top 10 under 13 drivers in the UK by Down Force radio. Just being a dad and lad team against the big teams.

What are your worst moments?

Don’t have worse moments just lessons.

Do you have an interesting backstory?

Ordinary boy in a ex ordinary world. Just love driving and being on track.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Like I say just a ordinary 12 year old.