Why do you love karting?

It’s my dream to be a race car driver and I love that feeling in my tummy when I go really fast. I also love all the friends I have made who love doing the same thing as me.

Have you made any sacrifices?

Not me so much but Mum, dad and my sister sacrifice everything so I can do karting including buying a house. They don’t have any luxurious things because every spare penny we have they put into my karting journey.

What are your best moments?

My first ever time racing outdoor I came last but I loved every minute of that day. Including being brought back in on trailer to the Pits. My first win in Bambino was amazing I broke the lap record twice in the same race. It was also my final race in Bambino.

What are your worst moments?

My engine going bang on the grid at Whilton Mill in the final. Dad changed it in 3 minutes but it was awful.

Do you have an interesting backstory 

The reason I got into karting was because when my mum was pregnant with my sister I saved her life. I was only 4 at the time and she became unconscious and was breathing funny so I called for help. If I hadn’t of done no body would of known she was poorly for another 12 hours because dad was on a night shift. The doctors said she would of died and so would my sister. After this happened mum asked me if I could have any present what would it be and I said a go kart. Mum and dad then saved every penny they could to buy me my own go kart. Now my sister comes to every race to cheer me on.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can do a weird thing with my tongue and I can also break dance