Why do you love karting?

I love karting so much because its something that only the best of the best do. The dedication, concentration and commitment it requires is key. As well as everything about it I like. When karting if you have a bad weekend it lets you reflect on the day so that you can better your chances for the next race. It teaches you the great challenges of being a kart racer.

Have you made any sacrifices?

I have made many sacrifices. I have missed some school days and my mum has had to give up her time to ensure that I attend as many races nationally as possible. As we are a mum and son team trying our best, learning along the way. I am very grateful for my mum’s help as it is her who has made the most sacrifices to help me follow my dream of becoming a racing driver.

What are your best moments?

My best moments are when I qualified 12th out of 34 drivers at GYG. This was my third ever race and the same weekend I gained four positions in the final, which is a big achievement for me. In my second race at Fulbeck I gained nine positions in a rain effected final which was a massive achievement for me.

What are your worst moments?

My worst moment was when I was second going down the straight at Wombwell. I got clipped by another driver and I did a 360 degree spin which resulted in me finishing in 9th position out of 12 and damage to my brakes and bodywork. On the same day Mum and I made a mistake and removed too much weight off my kart which resulted in me being underweight and I got excluded from the race.

Do you have an interesting backstory?

Karting is a sport that I’ve always wanted to take on as a hobby, me and my mum struggled at the beginning as we both don’t have any experience or mechanical knowledge on how to set up the kart, what tyre pressure etc. This was a big challenge at first, however through my mum’s determination, perseverance and hard work she has managed to get me started on the road to success. I am proud at ranking near the top at some of the races, and will continue to learn and progress to be the best

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am exceptional cross country runner and in 2021 I won the majority of my races. I’m also pretty good at times tables, spelling, geography, guitar, swimming (when I’m not messing about!), football, rugby and cricket. I live and breather sport especially Formula 1.